Top Benefits Of Video Marketing in 2023: Best Practices and Current Trends

Marketers are increasingly aware of the value of video marketing. Video advertising educates viewers about brands and products. People watch videos to learn about products, their features, customer reviews, and new updates. As a result, brands distribute such videos using a range of digital platforms and formats, such as their website, marketing via social media, YouTube, programmatic advertising, and more. This excerpt sheds light on how videos on marketing can improve your business.

Exploring Short-Form Videos

Let’s start with the growing trend of short-form videos. Advertising videos are usually less than 60 seconds in length. 73% of people like to learn about a service or good by watching a short video. The duration of short-form video material varies based on the platform. Still, the ideal time for a shortened video is 30 to 60 seconds. There are many reasons to like short-form videos, whether as a viewer or a creator. They quickly capture and hold the audience’s focus. People can easily understand and are shareable. Nowadays, people favour short-form videos over longer ones because they save time.

Personalized Video Campaigns

As a marketer, you realize the importance of video marketing in connecting with your audience. We can make a personalized video to focus on a particular audience group or individual. It is entertaining yet feels close to the heart when the intended audience watches it. It leaves people wondering if someone made it, particularly for them! E-mails, websites, social media, customer support conversations, and account-based marketing can assist in leveraging your personalized video content. Apart from this, use it wherever and whenever you can! Use it frequently to increase conversion rates and strengthen client ties.

Maximizing Reach On Social Platforms

People are using social media to watch videos to pass their time. As a marketer, your responsibility is to provide engaging and relevant content within a short video. If your product marketing videos fail to impress your audience, they skip it quickly. Here are some tips to maximize your reach and engagement on social media:

  • Understand your target market.
  • Produce helpful content like tips or fun facts related to the product you market.
  • Use appropriate hashtags.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Collaborate with influential people.
  • Maintain consistency.

Use Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Make immersive and appealing videos incorporating virtual and augmented reality aspects into your work. VR and AR produce simulated or improved environments for users to experience using special devices or software. Determining the format is the first step in incorporating VR and AR into your videos. There are various VR and AR forms, like 360-degree, stereoscopic, interactive, and mixed-reality videos. Active videos on marketing allow viewers to engage with the content via gestures, voice, or touch. Yet, they require a compatible device and software. To create such videos, plan and use the appropriate tools.

Video Marketing Campaigns -Measure And Optimize

To measure the impact of a video marketing campaign, it is essential to consider various vital factors. Start with view counts and feedback such as likes, comments, and shares. Examine conversion rates on video advertising to see how well the video leads desired activities like website visits or purchases. To calculate campaign profitability, compare expenses to revenue earned. Finally, examine audience retention numbers to determine the video’s ability to keep viewers interested throughout its duration. These thorough analytics clearly show the campaign’s effectiveness and serve as a roadmap for future changes for more significant results.

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